The Punkpost Story


He couldn't find a pen So...

Alexis "Lex" Monson and Santiago Prieto are the husband-and-wife team that created Punkpost. It all began when Santiago was on a work trip to Boston, about to present to a room full of bigwigs. Before going into the meeting, a "Good Luck" greeting card arrived to his hotel from Lex. Santiago was touched by the thoughtfulness. Being from Mexico, where the mail system doesn't work, he was amazed that you could send a personal message to someone on nice paper, with artwork, that even came with a cool stamp. It was magic. That same day he tried to reply to Lex with a card. He quickly realized that sending true mail wasn't all that simple. He couldn't find a card that wasn't cheesy or stamps. He couldn't even find a pen. It simply wasn't possible for him to send back the effect he received.

The two decided the boutique-card-store experience should be more accessible. So they quit their jobs and started building Punkpost. They've each handwritten thousands of cards and have built a community of scriptists and artists.


Punkpost makes sending handwritten cards fun, effortless, and empowering. We bring back the little something that gets lost in translation in a tweet or a Facebook message. Plus, it's simply more fun to send a handwritten message with cool art, confetti and photos. Your words might be the same, but, with a Punkpost card, emotions are amplified tenfold. And sure, if you had the time, you personally would go store by store and find the perfect card, find a stamp and run the card to the post office. But sometimes you don't and you still want to let someone know you're thinking of them. So Punkpost is here to help you send you that message... with a whole lotta oomph.

We REBEL against Automation

Communication at its best is physical. With its imperfections and all.  Be it a card to your daughter, a card to your boss, or a card to your good friend, these moments are important. So no, we don't use fonts or robots to try to replicate penmanship. We actually get a pen out and care for your message. There is high-tech stuff involved for you to send us your order, but the outcome has real, human personality and authenticity.


More than a boutique card store in your pocket, Punkpost is a community passionate about helping people connect. It is hand writers, artists, programmers and designers who love their craft. Scripting is in the hands of talented people throughout the US who practice good penmanship and enjoy taking time to write your messages. Cards are designed by hand-picked artists who find creative freedom with letterpress printing. Every time you send a card, know that you're sending artwork by the likes of Jess Levitz of June Letters Studio, Bridget M. Sidden of Kate Spade and more.

We're a young community with high hopes. We are fed by teenage angst to understand the role of tech and non-tech in our world. And we want to do it with the raw, realness of rock and roll. If you'd like to get involved, please contact us. Let's do this together.

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